This isn’t me, but I wish it was. [Favourite photograph from my private collection. You can read a little more about it here.]

Maria Cohut. Writer, researcher, and ghoul extraordinaire. Lover of all things weird and obscure, collector of discarded photographs, occasional dabbler in taxidermy, taphophile. Local charity shop workers call her “the dolly lady”, because she can’t resist an orphaned porcelain doll. She lives somewhere in the rainy West Midlands with a colony of pet snails, a stuffed rat called “Daisy”, and a faithful typewriter named “Matilda”. Her heart, though, is trapped in a small Romanian town surrounded by hills, where many of her strange obsessions were born.



The town that inspired my gothic dreams: Slanic (Prahova, Romania). [Photograph probably from around 1950, from my private collection.]

Poetry, lots of poetry. Stuff about vintage photographs and postcards, graveyards, old books, museums and art galleries. Occasional reviews. Thoughts, reflections, musings about curious things. Maybe snails and other invertebrates. Definitely time-travel. Expect the unexpected.




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