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A Rather Late Entry



Tanka and Haiku Sequence

The street lamp was our
only star, its splattered light
the sole barrier
between our frissons and that
heavy night of back alleys.


Down where the subway
should have been, silence trickled
on unseen rail tracks.


A Butterfly Postcard

scanned-20150331172829_001 scanned-20150331172855_001

Butterfly Haiku

Moving the whole sky
with their uncharted hungers:
first spring butterflies.


Stained glass come alive
turns fields into cathedrals,
chasing rain away.


Where my thoughts begin
I know not. A butterfly
kingdom has risen.

And tomorrow, for NaPoWriMo!


Don’t judge on me, OK? It appears that when I’m tired and on the run, short forms work best for me. (Of course they would!)

(DAY 20)

Traveller’s Haikus

Moonlight, refracted
off the right wing of the plane;
just us, in silence.


The screech of the rails
caught and mimicked by the wind –
I speak this language.


[Haiku currently under submission.]

Some Haikus

Today has been what I think of as a typical spring day, wavering between cloudy and rainy, and sunny and pleasant. Felt like the perfect setting to write a haiku, so I wrote… several. Five, to be precise. They’re not connected by anything except the general theme – ┬áspring – but it kind of makes sense for them to be presented as a continuous sequence. So here they are, my “spring haikus”!

(DAY 12)IMG_20140412_174023

Because it is spring
and I am wearing new clothes,
let us make-believe…


Little white flowers
blooming from your fingertips –
it has been a year.


Out in the playground
a spotted bird is screaming
at the lazy rain.


The memory of
a ringing phone still lingers
in this empty room.


I wish it was night
already, but the sluggish
day will not wake up.

Haiku/ Day 12

Today, I decided to just settle for a haiku. Haiku is another one of my favourite forms of poetry – deceivingly short and uncomplicated, it is actually never easy to write. Sure, it’s not difficult to come up with a bunch of trite 5-7-5 syllable lines, but to somehow fit a whole lyrical world into that tiny form is a real challenge. I’ve written quite a few haikus so far, and I’m not sure the following one is my best, but here it goes, nonetheless:

Rain, turning into
A storm of rolling whispers –
Lovers resurrect.

I’m considering writing only haikus for the next NaPoWriMo… Now that would be a challenge!

Photo by Gregory Crewdson
Photo by Gregory Crewdson

Short Journeys to Heaven (in Poetic Form)

Going back to my love for condensed poetry form once again, I have decided to write a sequence of lunes today. A lune is an adaptation of the haiku to the English language, and I have tried my hand at both versions of the form, the Robert Kelly (5-3-5) and the Jack Collom (3-5-3). And here they are:

Lune Sequence

dancing on the moon
one more step
towards completion.


at twilight
etched on the skyline –

“Head on a Stem” by Odilon Redon